THE POT WAREHOUSE     Where you can find the widest selection of plant pots, and decorative pots, in Barbados, all in one location, at the best prices!


to the pot warehou
se, where we bring to you a wide variety of custom made pots to suit any island style. 

The Pot Warehouse offers all sizes, shapes and colours imaginable, to suit your budget.  We cater to residential, commercial and hotel properties.

We stock the finest clays from around the world.  Italian red clay, Pink Tuscan clay and Peach Asian clay, to name a few of the fine clay samples we import.  They are well fired, and finished, to withstand our harsh outdoor conditions and will beautify any interior.

Our glazed pots come in beautiful, vibrant, colours.  Each glaze and colour wash is custom selected.  They are great for indoor and outdoor use.  They can be used with plastic planters inserted into them, or you can safely plant directly into your pot.